Doctor Who: Edge Of Time Update Adds 10th Doctor’s TARDIS

Doctor Who: Edge Of Time Update Adds 10th Doctor’s TARDIS

oplongames November 19, 2020

A new update has arrived for Doctor Who: Edge of Time that adds in new collectibles and the TARDIS interior featured in the 9th and 10th Doctor’s eras.

The update is a tie-in with the cross-medium ‘Time Lord Victorious’ event, which tells a loosely connected story featuring the 10th, 9th and 8th Doctors across the Doctor Who extended universe, including audio dramas, games, books, comics and more. The new Time Lord Victorious update for Edge of Time adds in the TARDIS from the Russell T. Davies era of the show, which was first piloted by Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor and then by fan-favorite David Tennant as the 10th.

You can access the new TARDIS in the Edge of Time directly from the main menu, however, it will appear to be in a powered-down state. In order to bring the TARDIS back to life, players will have to find special artifacts hidden across the game’s main levels. Some of these artifacts will be tie-in objects from other Time Lord Victorious stories, such as the novels or audio stories, including a hastily-repaired version of David Tennant’s screwdriver that’s featured in one of the upcoming books, All Flesh is Grass.

While these artifacts add some replayability to Edge of Time’s campaign, your excitement for the update might depend on how ready you are to play the entire game again. It’s incredibly cool to have an iconic TARDIS interior added to the game, but in it’s powered down state it has very little interactivity. We’re told there is an easter egg of sorts in store, though, if you are able to power on the TARDIS by collecting all the artifacts.

The Time Lord Victorious update is available now for Doctor Who: Edge of Time on Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR. We asked whether the Steam version of the game is getting updated as well and a representative explained via email that it is “just PSVR / Quest for the time being”.

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